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Naturally, the latter will be assigned tests, which will help to correctly diagnose the malaise.d and determine the optimal methods of treatment, which include: ultrasound, instrumental and endoscopic.

It should be noted that the urologist will first of all check the condition of the genitals, scrotum and inguinal lymph nodes. He also examines the prostate gland using the palpation method. What does a urologist treat in men?

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This is orlistat pills, and diseases of the penis, urethra, testicles, bladder, kidneys and much more. It should be noted that every representative of the stronger sex, who has overcome the age limit of 40 years, is obliged to visit a urologist at least 2 times a year for prevention purposes.

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This procedure is mandatory, since only with its help it is possible to determine the condition of the prostate. If its size is increased, and it xenical has a uniform and dense structure, then it is likely that we are talking about an adenoma. The urologist also examines the lymph nodes for the presence of cancer. Rectal examination is a painless type of diagnosis.

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Of course, in order xenical for the treatment to be correct, the patient needs to undergo an ultrasound examination.

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Experienced urologists also prescribe referrals for urinalysis, kidney x-rays, ureteroscopy, semen analysis, and intravenous urography. What ailments the urologist relieves of xenical. Of course, many are interested in the question of what a urologist treats in women. He diagnoses and eliminates various ailments of the internal and external genital organs.

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A specialist of this qualification deals with the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of disorders of the reproductive system.

In addition, he fights disorders of the urinary system in women. Sexually transmitted diseases are also within the purview of a urologist. The examination of the woman is carried out in the gynecological chair. The specialist should analyze the condition of the ureter and bladder. In addition, with the help of gynecological equipment, it is possible to detect prolapse (prolapse of organs) or vaginal dryness in a woman.

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    For orlistat treatment, he must be a professional in several areas of medicine: urology, sexopathology, microsurgery with elements of plastic and vascular surgery. It should be emphasized that the urologist-andrologist deals specifically with "male" problems - such as erectile dysfunction, infertility, prostatitis. With sexually transmitted diseases, they also turn to him.
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